E. County Cruisers Xmas Car Show at Bates Nut Farm

Saturday, November 8th. a group (9 cars) of us went to the E. County Cruisers Xmas Car Show at Bates Nut Farm.

Those of us that were there were; Bob/Trudy Romeo, Bud/Barb Fosdick, Myself/Joan Schneider, Stu/Donna Shandle, George/”Margaret” Rumble, Patti Kasiska, Karen Senz, Ken Willers, Mike/Patti Adamson and Jerry Niedens (Norma was at a baby shower).

We met in the parking lot on Woods Valley Road and Valley Parkway. We all then Cruised to Bates Nut Farm. That is, “almost” all of us started to cruise to Bates Nut Farm. Bud/Barb Fosdick had a dead battery and needed a jump start from “Mark’s Roadside Service”. An invoice is on the way. After that we were on our way.

There were some people that brought their dogs. Bud/Barb Fosdick, Stu/Donna Shandle, and Mike/ Patti Adamson. At first I thought I made a mistake on the date of the car show and we were going to a “kennel club” for a show.

It must have been Heartbeat Classics day for raffle prizes. I won a Air Compressor, Golf Bag, Angel Doll (just what I needed), Welding Gloves and a San Diego Padre Baseball hat. I will give that away ASAP. As most of you all know, I only wear Raider and Dodger apparel. I also won a $50 gift certificate to the Olive Garden. How I “won” it I will explain at our Club Meeting on the 20th. Barb Fosdick did pretty good for herself too. She won the 50/50 and her share was $295.

We also did pretty good in the Trophy department. Mike/Patti Adamson, Bob/Trudy Romeo and Stu/Donna Shandle all won Sponsors Trophies. Yours truly won a Peoples Choice Trophy.

We ALL had a nice day. To those of you that were unable to go—– hope to see you at the next show/event.