Well March “marched” in and out. Here comes April ready or not.

This past month (March) there were some great Car Shows and a Club Cruise.

The first Car Show that some of us attended was Midnight At The Oasis in Yuma. Those of us that went were – Bob/Trudy Romeo who had some car trouble, but made it home okay. Boby/Cindy Wright – This was their first trip to Yuma and tehy will be back next year. Bud/Barb (nurse) Fosdick, Myself/Joan Schneider, Dick/Patty Kutson. Patty was a little under the weather in Yuma, but is feeling a lot better now. Jerry/Norma Niedens. I think Jerry kept his T-Shirts pretty clean all weekend. Ron/Cathy Lewis. If I remember, Ron was the one with the T-Shirt problem. George/Peggy Rumble. George had a problem with a chair and had to buy Bob Romeo a new one. Last but certainly not least Patty Kasiska. Event pics are on our web site thanks to Barb Fosdick and George Rumble.

Our next club event was a Cruise to John Ellison’s Calumet Car Collection in San Diego. What an unbelievable Car Collection. John was a great host and tour guide along with his assistants Pedro and Barry. After touring his facility we all cruised to the Studio Diner for lunch. The Club members that went were Myself/Joan Schneider, Bud/Barb Fosdick, Bob/Turdy Romeo, Ron/Cathy Lewis. Richard Quaternik/Loretta Hines, Ken Willers (unfortunately Ken had some car problems and had to go home), Mike/Patti Anderson, Dick/Patty Knutson, Monica (hot rod) Huerta, George/Peggy Rumble, Ben Plackemeier and Ruth, Stu/Donna Shandle, Jerry/Norma Niedens and Rex/Peggy Bozell. To show the Club’s appreciation to John, Pedro and Barry, lunch was on Heartbeat Classics. A special thanks goes to Bud/Barb Fosdick for putting this event together. Pictures of this event can be seen on our website thanks to Barb Fosdick and George Rumble.

Last, but not least, some of us attended the Car Show at Deer park this past Sunday. Stu/Donna Shandle, Ben Plackemeier and Ruth, Ron/Cathy Lewis, Dick/Patty Kuntson and Myself/Joan Schneider went to the show. We were “visited” by Vinnie/Nancy Ciccia. Ron/Cathy Lewis was a Trophy in the 1960-1970 car class. Congrats to you guys.

The Happening is a little over 3 weeks away. Things are starting to come together. Dash Plaques and Event Posters are done. Event T-Shirts are all set to go. Registration deadline for Event T-Shirts is April 10th. They will be ordered after that date. Any member that has already registered and would like another T-Shirt pleast let me know “before” the 10th and I will order it for you. The color of the T-Shirts will be Ash Gray. Have you got a Trophy Sponsor yet? If not, there has got to be someone that could think of that would like to sponsor a Trophy. We need all the help we can get. Any questions, please call Bob Romeo. Also, remember to hand out Happening Flyers when you have a chance. Ourgoal this year is to have a least 300 registered cars. Ron Lewis is predicting 400. Maybe he knows something we don’t (I hope so). Let’s all do our part. Before I forget, on April 20th we will be promoting or Happening on KUSI. We need “volunteers” and their cars to show up at KUSI that morning to help us promote the Happening. Give me a call if you want to “vounteer”.



April 10th Cher Deering
April 19th Bob Wright and Barb Fosdick
April 24th Joan Schneider


April 10th Stu/Donna Shandle
April 19th Bill/Rose Capella

If I forgot to mention anyones Birthday, Anniversary or if you attended a Car Show or Club Event let mek now. MY Bad!!!


April 4th 1st Night Cruzin Grand Club Event
April 4th-6th Goodguys Del Mar
April 5th In & Out Burgers Poway
April 10th HBC BOARD MTG.
April 12th Doheny Wood Dana Point
April 12th Jamul Hot Roddin & Chile Cook Off
April 17th HBC CLUB MTG.
April 19th Overdrive Hot Rod Swap Meeting/Car Show
April 23rd Opening Night El Cajon Cruise

Future dates to remember

July 6th Heartbeat Appreciation Picnic
August 15th Club Night on grand