PREZ SEZ January 2016

Well looks like 2015 has left the scene but not totally forgotten. Hopefully you all had a wonderful Holiday and will have a Happy New Year

We did not have a meeting in December, but we did have a great Christmas Party.

I want to thank Cindee and her helpers for a really great and fun event. Can’t wait till we do it again. If this year goes as fast as last year that won’t be long!

Hotrod Holly had a Christmas cruise on Christmas day and there was a good turn out. Norma and Jerry stopped by and dropped of donations.

I guess it’s time to focus on this year. We have a few things happening. Mark has set up a bowling day this Sunday and I understand that we have about 18 planning to attend. It’s not to late to join the fun Just let Mark know. I really would like to see more ideals for club events that we all can do and enjoy. If you have any ideals just let us know and we will put it out, it’s that easy .

Coming up this Saturday the 9th is the 29th Annual Burger Run Vista.

Remember this Month we start our meetings again. The 14th January will be our board meeting at Charlie’s. The 21st January is our club meeting at Mikes BBQ Escondido.

I guess the most important thing this month is it’s time to start thinking of the Happening and Volunteering some time to help organize, sell trophy’s, pass out flyers ,ect.  There is a lot to do so lets all help a little.

Stu Shandle      9 January
Rose Capella    19 January
Gene Owens     25 January
Vince Ciccia      30 January

Dennis and Lisa Lutz    23 January

Hope I covered everything if not please let me know.